What To Expect

What To Expect

Here is some information which may help you know what to expect on your first visit.

What time are Services?

Services are held every Sunday morning.  Our Classic Service begins at 9 a.m.  After this service has ended we have Sunday School for all ages starting at 10:10 a.m. and after Sunday School we have our Contemporary Service that starts at 11:11 a.m.  Both of our worship services are located in the Sanctuary.  We look forward to seeing you in one of our services this Sunday morning.

How do I get to First Rosenberg?

We are located in Rosenberg, Texas, a few miles southwest of Houston. Travel southwest on US-59, take the TX 36 exit. Drive North on Highway 36 to 1st Street/Ave. The church is located on the southeast corner across from Hartz Chicken . Need a map? Here you go.

Where do I park?

We have specially designated parking spaces near the Worship Center in the First Street parking lot. We also have a covered carport next to the side entrance for loading and unloading during inclement weather.

Handicap Access

There is handicap access for wheel chairs via the front Worship Center entrance, at the covered carport and the side Education Building entrance. There are also designated parking places available for vehicles carrying handicapped individuals.

What happens when I get there?

You will be greeted by our friendly greeters, men and women who will provide a worship guide, direct you to the sanctuary or Bible study class and answer any questions you may have.

What about Childcare?

We offer childcare for preschoolers from birth through 3 years of age in the Preschool area. A greeter will assist you getting your child there. Children can stay in the same classroom during both the Bible Study and Worship Service, to allow you to attend both activities. Our childcare leaders are trained and background checked for the safety of your child and for the parent's peace of mind.

Before the Service starts

If you arrive before our classic service at 9 a.m. you will notice that our sanctuary is filled with rows of pews.  There are no reserved seats so feel free to sit anywhere.  Each pew has racks with song books so you may sing along with the songs of worship and praise throughout the service.  As you enter the sanctuary you will be given a bulletin.  This bulletin has the order of worship for the morning as well as a condensed calendar of events going on at the church during the next week.  If you arrive a little after the service starts, it's ok!  The usher will help guide you to a seat.

For our contemporary service at 11:11 a.m. you will enter the Sanctuary to the background sounds of good conversation and songs of this generation.  Feel free to take a seat anywhere.  We would love to meet you during this time to get to know you and welcome you to our church. During the pre-service music, announcements about upcoming events will be scrolling on the projection screen.  Please take note of these activities so you can get involved in the activities here at First Rosenberg.

What is Worship like?

Our classic worship service at 9 a.m. is traditional in worship style.  We are led in song by our sanctuary choir, piano and organ.  During this time we sing many great hymns and choruses of the faith.  Our pastor brings us an applicable sermon from the Word of God that is followed by an invitation to accept Christ as Lord and Savior, join the church or any other decisions that need to be made.

Our contemporary service at 11:11 a.m. is led by a praise band and is contemporary in worship style.  We sing worship songs written by worship leaders from this generation.  Media is used more in this service as we often include video clips to focus our attention on the things of Christ.  Our pastor brings an applicable sermon from the Word of God and as always, opens an invitation to accept Christ as Savior, join our community here at First Rosenberg or to make any other decisions for Christ. 

How are Guests Greeted?

Before the service, many of our other members will extend a friendly greeting to you. During the worship service, we have a special time designated for greeting one another, members as well as guests. Guests are not singled out in any way. You do not have to register or sign your name to anything if you do not wish to; however, we would like to know you were our guest and ask, if you wish to, to fill out a connection card. We ask that you drop it in the offering plate when they pass by during the Worship Service, so that we may get to know your needs. If you are visiting from out of town and planning on moving to the Rosenberg/Richmond area or would like a visit from one of our staff members, we would love to know that.

The Message

The Pastor only gives Bible-based messages lasting about 30 minutes.  Copies of the message are available by request. You may also listen to the sermons online by following this link! www.firstrosenberg.org/media


At the end of his message, the Pastor will offer an invitation for anyone who does not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ to come forward and accept Him as Lord and Savior. He will also ask those who would like to join our church family to come forward. The song that is then sung while the congregation stands is an opportunity for those people to come to the front of the Worship Center and talk with a staff member about their decisions.

Decisions that can be made for membership:

1. By Profession of Faith : If you are not yet a Christian but would like to be, or if you are a Christian but have never been baptized by immersion as a believer, our pastor will pray with you and guide you in your decision.

2. By Transfer of Letter : If you are a Christian and a member of a church of like faith and order, we will write to the church where you are a member and request that a letter of transfer be sent.

3. By Statement : If you are a Christian and have been baptized as a believer according to the scriptures, and do not either have current membership in a church or are currently a member of a church that does not grant letters of transfer, you can receive membership by your affirmation of the above.


Offering plates are passed in the worship services in order to allow people to worship the Lord through the giving of their gifts to Him.  While members are encouraged to bring their gifts, guests are not asked to give.  This is the time the guests may place their guest connection card into the offering plate.

Bible Study (Sunday School)

We may seem rather large to the first time visitor but we are made up of many different, smaller groups of differing backgrounds. We encourage people to check out our Bible Study classes in order to get to know other people just like you.

Classes are offered for all ages at 10:10 a.m. Greeters outside the Worship Center and in the concourses can direct you to your room. 

We hope to see you soon at First Rosenberg!

9am- Classic Service | 10:10am- Sunday School | 11:11am- Contemporary Service