We are a church body that is committed to fostering a sense of connectedness among our member family and guests.

Get connected to ministerial staff

Our staff is never too busy to build relationships with those within the fellowship. We realize that as a church grows, sometimes staff availability diminishes. We are committed to doing everything in our power to connect with God's people. In fact, the invitation is always open for you to schedule a time to visit our offices with any staff member or to get a cup of coffee together. Simply go to the contact page and email the staff member you would like to connect with. They will respond to you very quickly.

Get connected to others

Our church values relationships. We believe having Christ-centered friendships is a very important element as you seek to grow in the faith. One of the best ways to do this at First Baptist is by getting involved in one of our small groups. We have these groups mostly on Sunday mornings, but there are other groups that meet throughout the week as well. If you need help finding the right small group, contact Pastor, Bro. Scott L. Jones, by clicking on the contact page or connect with him following one of our worship services. He would be happy to help you find the small group that is best for you.

Get connected to information

On this website, you can view the church calendar, subscribe to the church calendar, and sign up for our weekly newsletter. Simply go back to the home page, scroll to the bottom and find this information there.

Get Active

Ready to move from learning to practicing in practical ways? We offer numerous ways for Christ-followers to serve Jesus by serving others. The following are some examples of ways you can "get active"


Adopting teachers and schools, serving hot meals to the elderly, neighborhood chaplaincy and serving drinks and energy bars to first responders who are responding to an emergency call. Our belief is that we must empower people to serve. So, we explore the passions God has placed in the hearts of church members, empower them to serve and then send them out.


In addition to partnering with our local association, state, and national convention, we take several mission trips per year to various locations. Over the past few years, church members traveled to Grenada, Peru, and other countries to share the Great Story and train pastors. God led First Baptist to journey to Peru and Grenada to serve people and exalt Christ. Church members traveled to Kenya and taught VBS to some orphanages and delivered much-needed school supplies.

Worship Service at 10:30am every Sunday.