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Our purpose in Bible Study is to reach people for Christ, teach people to obey God's Word and minister to people. Notice the emphasis on people. The Great Commission and the Great Commandments also focus on people. We invite you to join us every Sunday morning as together we seek to reach the lost, develop the saved and minister to all.

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Where do you fit in?

Check out the classes below. We offer many Bible Study Classes for you to choose from. Regardless of your age, please feel free to visit where you feel best suits you. We find that people bond better and learn better when they study God's Word with people who are having similar life experiences.


Director Gail Pena
Our Preschool classes use an appropriately age-graded Bible study curriculum.
Barbara King, Rina Arismendez
Room 110
One & Two Year Olds
Anna Wise
Three Year Olds
Audrie Jentek
Four & Five Year Olds
Diana Power, Kim French


Director Martha Cuthbert
Our Children classes use an appropriately age-graded Bible study curriculum.

Grades 1-2
Bev Cowen, Liz Melton, Ova Miller
Grades 3-4
Jennifer Jones, Cheryl Pitts, Lori Reed
Grades 5-6
Martha Cuthbert


Students have a Bible Study lesson each week that prepares them for daily life and encourages them to have a faith that will "stick" beyond High School.
Grades 7-12


Our Adult classes use two Bible Study curriculums:

Explore the Bible

A Book-by-Book Bible Study that takes participants deep into the context of God's Word and challenges them to live it out in their own context.

Bible Studies for Life

Perfect for groups and classes that want to begin their Bible Study by tackling real-life issues with the timeless truth of God's Word.

Strong Foundations Department 18+
Chip Allen, Robyn Hernandez
Open Hearts 40+
Glen Coker
Life Topics
Phil & Phyllis Kalz
Harmony 60+
Co-ed Claire Rogers
Wisdom Seekers 70+
Joe Bonham
Life Encouragers 80+
Ladies- Mildred Verbeck
Ladies- Mary Cook
Co-ed- Alvis Bell, Earl Welch
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